Eternal Resolve

The pleasant pairing of space & time. Originally titled Passion Patrol.

Eternal Resolve

By Tyler Lucas Mobley 

Pleasure running out my toes 

greed blown from thy nose 

sung in manor of mountain temple 

obscuring boundaries when able

to coax frequency with command 

returns oneself to cradling hand 

of a world all for you. 

seeing with infinity

originally titled, loose lids of wondrous visions. glimpsed 1-16-22

rewritten today.

seeing with infinity

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

At once at once 

follows an order 

beckoned to redeem 

forgone reason in

light of Spring as

never before season,

delighted upon the chance 

to integrate of a different

harmony altogether. 

If It’s Time We Must Bear

George Harrison’s Living in the Material World… comes to his son in a dream.

If It’s Time We Must Bear

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Untool mind to spare time those steps 

never taken. Relishing difference the 

song of new eyes, a respectable space 

comfortable, not overdone. An orbital 

perspective feels the pull of a world

willing you back to cuddle up and listen.

All was a trap beyond our hitherto existence, a

collection of shapes behaving as one striding being 

with the sum of human efforts playing out in precisional 

tattoos, till accusations arise about an unacknowledged

separateness between two arms on one body driving 

the operator mad with itchy skin, deciding best march 

for Andromeda, agonizing surrender.

Arriving before we’re ready if it’s time we must bear, 

recline to find it’s not there, hatching then a chick of

eternal incubation, cute, fluffy, and unchanged. 

Surprised to notice those baby steps were always

at your feet, a breadcrumb trail for mice of men. 

Her Way Never Lost

Today, when hungry pen brokefast to page, this happen.

Her Way Never Lost

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Her body a sound garden, storm swept sea

passengers afloat, humming her vibration.

Carried and tossed, her way never lost

cosmic gyres full of glee, winking out reality.

afterthought: simulation, consciousness, energy ladder doesn’t seem all that off. Maude; extremely vaginal.

Brave New World

When people are deprived of wealth while others burns their’s on image.  What will happen next? The people distracted by work, news, a so called life, to suppress is the end.  When a common goal is set, strike and protest will reach the feet of giants, hell will be thrown to the desk of gold.  I’m a Marxist dream of revolution.  Uprising of peace waged with war for justice and the uncovering of right and wrong, to settle the debt of the people and nation.  I lived through the time when the world woke up, sparked the greatest change is history, when storms recked the foundations of hope and homes.  Greed burned a hole in the pockets of powers, it blurred the numbers of bank statements making them come up short in shaky hands.  To speed up the progression of humanity by making these mistakes now, in this modern era. Unbalance division of wealth is an age old problem that will meet it’s match through the connectivity of the world.  Aldous Huxley said that “Men do not learn much from the lessons of history, and that itself is the most important of all the lessons of history.”  Sovereign nations should use history as the basis for policy, or at least be consulting with an eye doctor the see what is on the horizon.  The progress of liberty has been made only on the surface.  How long can things really continue down the same path as they’ve been on, major problems have only been pushed back to be dealt with later.  Major change is frightening and is sure to piss off a lot of people but if something isn’t done to fix how our government operates were going to be worse off than if we implement change today.

History shows that empires fall, unbalance of wealth, opportunity, and happiness.  We are all hungry, some for success others just for food.   All men are created equal sure, but show me how that applies in the social world.  The social contract binds us to this dream that is on display in magazines and movies.  “We are the all singing all dancing crap of the world” – Tyler Durden  It is happening all around us, the craziness of the world presented in an appealing syntax to spark our interest.  So we can have a moment of grief, gratefulness, or a shake of the head then we go on our way.  Although the Earth centered model of the universe, we now know is wrong, we still go about business as if we are.  The world is in our heads, we cruise through space around a black hole, laughing through infinate space, the only way to go.


Mother and Father Forces

We must look where we’ve been to get a sense of where we’re going.  The first peoples to create civilizations and worship Gods always casted nature as a female figure.   The term Mother Nature is still widely used today.   If we understand where we came from we can have a better idea as to how we can exist peacefully on this plane., The root of human nature is deep within the bounds of the universe.  Suppose this was the case…..

Lets apply Male and Female genders to the key components of the known universe.   Male being all energy and Female being Nature and universal laws, such as gravity.  These two forces are at battle with one another, male always trying to expand and conquer, and female is trying to constantly harness and ground him.  They are codependent on one another as most binary systems are, both intelligent forces with crafty ways of working.  The universe is the battlefield upon which energy and nature are in flux.   Small wars take place all over space; some within stars and black holes, but most of all planets are theirmost creative fight.   They draw parts form one another in effort to fool it’s counterpart.  The female laying out the drawing board and landscape, energy thus provides motion and life.  Energy provides the spark or firing of a gun at the start of the race.  Energy creates the life but nature can shape it’s path, she can use her external forces to influence the walking, crawling, flying, slithering, and swimming energy.   Energy influences nature to evolve it’s creations with what nature can throw at it, thus potentially benefiting energy over time.  The longer time goes on the more energy is dominating nature, but nature can still fight back whenever she wants.  The energy that is formed and designed to conquer nature is still shaped by nature herself.   Energy life forms land on a spectrum of means of conquering on one end and peaceful existence with nature on the other.  No one energy form is bound to either one; at any moment nature can pull a form of energy toward her goal of stoping energy, or show it something that makes it going sprinting back the other.

The fight will go on for ever forever in some part of the universe.  We are the product of creativity from which the universal battle  of energy and nature is exercised through our finger tips.