We call this a Cultural Piece

Value and labor have been intertwined since the days of Marx, anything worth having must be earned. The value of everything is derived from the labor involved to make it the way it is.  If one is not producing, he or she loses their sense of value, and it many cases loses how to culturally define themselves.  The system of production works through people who have jobs, and it depends on having future people to one day being able to inherit those jobs.  Keeping production right where it needs to be; characterized by upward mobility.  The only problem here is that we have gone crazy with production, everyone sees the market as their ladder to a big piece of the pie.  Which people have a right to, but in reality all but the sincerest of attempts actually end up with more pie than they need; guidelines of the system.  So we end up with a hordes of bad ideas, manufacturing gone awry, useless clutter that sits their depreciating waiting to be disposed of.  Now in many cases you need a few bad ideas before you get a good one, that’s all good, but don’t shit out a new spring line every year just because that’s what your competitors are doing.  How many times is their leftover halloween decorations marked down in the stores come November.  Do they figure that everyone lost their decorations since last year, or do they just like adding clutter to the isles and make people say “The holidays are coming up quick.”  We are plagued by this system that we are expected to perpetuate, barely given a fair chance. Forced into working, forced to stress and feel inadequate when you’re not producing or making a living.  You may ask what else might you do if not this?  Now this is true freedom, the freedom I experience in my mind can now be channeled through me, behaving how it may.  Not when this live is being wrestled down to a desk job, anchored to a chair, dreams wiped off on the doormat. That job provides a service to people who have needs created by the very system that creates the jobs.  An example, people who do your taxes, making one part on the system so complex that it must grow itself to accommodate for its careless over complexification. From this point on that’s all that will ever happen within the system.  Consuming just to consume, the most inhuman value that has arisen out of this cultural fabric stretching, obesity.  We want you to sit all day and then when your back hurts from sitting all day, come to us and we’ll give you pills that slowly turn you into a zombie and ruin your life. It all feeds into itself.  Is this the place  the human endeavor has brought us to over time?  Or has the need to be constantly stimulated gave way to the world economy?  Building people a life around comforts of the American ideal so we can be stimulated in a more artificial way. Experiencing life from behind doors, from little screens, eyes cast down avoiding the light of day.  It is not all bad, maybe we’re right where we need to be. Although sometimes society feels like an uncomfortable shoe when I just want to be barefoot.           A happiness, a contentedness comes from within you, within relationships.  We’ve had those times when you’re with a person and you feel in that moment you don’t need anything else. Those are what life should be based around, not a system that we need vacations from.  Build a life around happiness, whatever that means to you.          


This is a Lie

I had a dream once, it came on like a shot of adrenaline, blasting me into a new world. One foreign to the average person but, in the moment I understood it. All at once I saw it all happening in front of me, in a dreamland it all made sense. It was a world many have dreamt before, tranquil, an Eden for the soul. I awoke into slow moving a pace step after step slowly the world began to dim, the meaning became a lost stone on a beach with many. Still beautiful it was, I walked on, in search of the same novelty.