Womb Would’ve Known

A door opens inward.

Womb Would’ve Known

By Tyler Lucas Mobley 

Shot from cannon with a cry, hands of anticipation

cradle and rejoice another plummet. Form of impressions 

soft to the touch, a bundle of things to come. 

Portrait of the whole falls to pieces, boundaries undefined. 

Steps taken, shape sought in hammer and chisel world.

Lucky enough to fall into place, still an emptiness fills a space. 

Mid puzzle crisis, what is a piece to do? 

With the rug gone, clouds appear full of answers. 

Wet from the rain one happens a pond, 

met with a reflection, mirror of crystal sky. 

Peace for piece with a look in the eye,

a portrait framed inside the whole.


Dressed For Holiday

There comes a time, even then we can’t say for certain.

Dressed for Holiday

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Jettison my darling, find this common wake,

throwback pairs of defining lights, smirking

sky bounds unrequited, dressed for holiday. 

Chariots of exacting grace fiddle across our

pendulum planet. Veiled modalities pierced by 

opposing ends, cogent leaps of boomeranged 

expressions surface over pent up millenia. 

Sojourned doubt dances over the void, the 

grand swath of limerick contusions, embodied

with gallant strides through our one true vein.

Lethal Kini

Ohh life when we are young…

It never gets old.

Lethal Kini 

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

She walks with sandals on her feet and little else. Sunshine amusement, flesh painted by strokes of warmth. Take up an oak for a smoke, limb relaxed elevation doubled.

Here comes a young couple with a question. 

“Sure, we’ll take your photo.” 

“Would you mind returning the favor?” 

It could’ve been how, on that particular day the swim trunks he was wearing had a loose fit, causing them to sit lower on his hips, showcasing a prominent “V,” the boundary between chest hair and pubic hair was devastatingly, enticingly blurred. Due to the shorts riding the way they were, any movement elicited a degree of friction that became noticeably pleasurable once  processes were underway. When she pressed herself into him for the photo his hand and feet remained still, but his body displayed gravity defying motion. She squeezed him harder drawing his attention where he couldn’t refuse it to go. Her breast bulged against him threatening to spring from their holster, a hand tugs on the fabric for a superficial adjustment, her eyes giving up the ruse. They hold smiles and each other for the camera, a serious tent pitched before them. The couple was kind to conceal their most certain recognition of matters at hand while phones were returned. 

“Enjoy your hike.” 

 Taking it easy up the trail, footsteps are heard from behind. Just as they move over to let the noise makers pass the rhythm is thrown off. Sounds of danger, the unexpected, alarm, a body crashing to the ground, the crinkle of plastic as a water bottle turns projectile and skids by, dust in it’s wake. They turn to take in the scene, a backpacked youth picking himself up off the ground, his companions offering no help. Being closest to the lost bottle she bent to retrieve it, those in observance fell into orchestrated movement, her behind the maestro. From their uniform reaction one may ascertain the plight of man.  

Tracking to the source, they round a corner and the extent of Saturday seekers swings into view, bodies splayed about, a busy picture with little movement. They weave through, stashes and stows, totes and draw bags, past snacking families and tiktoking teens to face spoutin mountain of bubbling bowl. A far fetched fellow of white tank top and Raiders shorts standing beneath the deluge emits a series of hoots of apparent spiritual compulsion. They join him under the modest falls, sufficient for southern California standards, foyer rush of cool, sublime that summer day. The torrent is surprisingly heavy, a weight on your back, the drops play her breast for bongos, pummeling her tender flesh sending reverberations throughout their countenance. If that wasn’t enough, her giggling stumble would sway her into the heaviest part of the falls, lightning would strike with a flash as her portions jump from their cover; only for an instant before a reflexive hand tucked them in so. On the runway to the falls few paid them any mind, those present remained at large, occupied. Exiting the spring, eyes flocked to them as two torches at night, glistening bodies taking the shape of mountains, as water traced their features, they became the attraction. 

On the return trip down, still dripping from their dipping, another jolly-sum of profligates come hustling up the trail. The juncture that lay between the approaching parties was a dry creek bed a few meters across, rocks of various sizes made for attentive obstacles. The eager bunch didn’t bother to slow their progress as they began to rock hop; only a few steps onto the creek bed the pair waited patiently off to the side to let them pass. One second the sun is shining, birds chirp, it’s a wonderful day in the mountains, the next, one hurried fellow catches his toe on a rock propelling him through the air. The slowing of time brought on by the utter terror that accompanied what lay before the suspended individual, proliferated into all who shared that perception. The rock that would’ve been his next step now loomed fatally ahead, as his trajectory would have him landing face first into it at breakneck speed. Doing the only thing he could in the split second he had to act, he tucked his right shoulder and let his momentum roll him forward. The extent to which he braced a fetal position exploded upon impact, as someone does in a game of crack the egg on a trampoline. The wide eyed look on the kid’s face confirmed what they saw, he cheated death. 

Once out of earshot he shared an intuition, “I think you’re distracting these guys and making them fall. Once I’d understand, but twice, there’s a pattern emerging.”

 “What’s so distracting?” 

“This,” gesturing to her figure with an open hand as though she’d spun from a hidden wall in a game show.

 “You think?” 

“I know I can’t take my eyes off you.” 

“Ahh you’re sweet,” she leaned and kissed him.  

Reaching the point where they were ready for it to be over, slogging hip to hip, an arm wrapped around the other’s waist. A couple on their way up the trail, upon taking them in, the woman was prompt to say, “I just love what y’all got going on.”

“Thank you, we love you,” he replies without hesitation. 

The woman turns to face them, and with a hand to her chest says, “ahh y’all just made my day.”  

 On the way home she finds out her grandparents have stopped over for a visit and would like to see her. She gets out of the car and her mother asks, “you were hiking like that? Where are your clothes?” 

“Yeah, some people couldn’t believe it either.” 


The End

She goes by,


Strolling Pie Fields

The pictures of her mind. I got it, the princess and the…

Strolling Pie Fields

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

If you ordered a dream, I know how you’d take it. 

Strolling pie fields, punctuated by ponds of boiling ramen. 

Well well well what do we have here? 

To phrase a feeling, the greatest gift is knowing you. 

From light we come, then become all it entails. 

Becoming a granular notion, existence a swimming pool. 

The world loves it’s making, and deserves to be told it’s beautiful.

The universe brought us together, and together we discovered a universe. 

If all the sights found your eyes, would you still let them fall on me?

How lovely for all this to lead to the many tomorrows with you.  

To Be in your Thoughts

When you said so, with me forever.


To Be in your Thoughts

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Don’t know how I got here, but I’m happy to stay,

make myself comfortable, dance around and play. 

Was it something I said that popped me in your head?

Nice of you to have me, you really didn’t have to,

all the ways of wishing, sure did bring us true. Love

when you have me over, feel I could stay awhile, 

best part of being here is getting to watch you smile. 

And when the children ask, ‘were you like this when

you were young?’ We’ll only momentarily interrupt 

our impressions of sizzling shrimp to ask with 

condescension what is meant by ‘were young,’ then

straight back on the barbie we’ll go. I play the harmonica 

between your legs, lost in enchanted song. A realized

seat upon the piano bench of time, always playing 

for as long as you are mine. Throughout your darling 

days my little whispers tickle as they trace your wings 

with the morning dew we once knew. As you tread the 

garden of your golden hour mind, find me tiling away, 

tending with love the fruits thereof.  

Re-minding Reminders

Don’t stray from the weight of the world.

Re-minding Reminders

By Tyler Lucas Mobley 

If sunshine be butter then 

take me for bread. 

Life’s sweetest sentiments

fall unsuspecting as ripe 

coconuts in Manhattan. 

All this momentum up a 

waterfall, never a thought 

to test the flow. 

Did you remember to re-mind?

Change the soil of your fertile

drum, realizing then how green

a thumb you’ve been sitting on

all along. 

Turning stones in a prized search

nevermind the reward was in the 

act. Don’t like the taste of your

cerebral soup, no need to involve

the staff, sprinkle in a re-minder 

for a taste of the gods. 

Ahh yes, Limitless all along, for 

the water was always wine and 

fish delight the offer of your net. 

An old vinyl re-minded, suddenly

plays new grooves. With sultry

disguise the best thing that could

ever happen has a painful start. 

In the moment of re-minding the 

world behaves congruous to an 

internal illumination. From this 

vacuum of doubt, any reality 

to resume wayfaring thought,

an ax to grind existence. 

The Morgue can be a Potent Place

Seeded 12/21 finished just in time for Spooky Season.

The Morgue can be a Potent Place

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

 The Keeper looks up from his desk at a flicker of lights. 

“Spirits grifting the flux, even death can’t take them off the grid. I can’t complain, when I kick it rest assured I’ll be back to give my old lady a scare or two. When she falls down the stairs, it’ll be I who pushed her.” 

Just as his gaze returns to the desk there’s a pull at the door. Giving it a suspicious eye he lifts his head to see if the residents are playing a prank on him, but senses no shift in the air. Dismissing the disturbance he returns his attention to the computer. No sooner does the door rattle in the lock, followed by a faint knock barely audible over the evening’s storm. Rising from his desk to see what lies on the other side, he opens the viewing box in the warped weathered beast of a door to find no cause for the racket. The Keeper closes the square but stops before latching it, cocking his head to the side at a faint something. The door rumbles again, the Keeper steps back pausing with a quizzical look layered with frustration, then from absolute stillness lashes a whooshing dismissive hand while the other unlocks the door and yanks it open. Pleased to find the vacant air before him, the door is half closed before he notices the figure in the frame.  

“What in the Devil’s ball bag are you doing here? It’s past visiting hours, come back tomorrow.” The Keeper begins to close the door when the slight figure extended a hand and said, “Wait, I’m here for the rites.” The door halts its motion hanging open a few inches from the frame, the Keeper pauses to replay what he just heard before poking his head out from behind the door, “what did you say?” A bit of life returns to the figure in the doorway, “I want to know about the rites.” A contemptuous look contorts the Keeper’s face before saying, “well come in and let’s see if you’re worthy.” 

 The Keeper applies the latch and turns to get his first full look at his visitor. The boy couldn’t have been more than fifteen, his glasses fogged his coat a burdensome sponge, the pack on his back a fishbowl. “Take that coat off, I’ll find you something warm.” The boy heeds the suggestion placing his coat on a hook on the near wall. Relieved with his arrival he let his eyes wander around the morgue lobby finding cobwebs in the rafters, a fireplace lit but presenting no warmth, a dark portrait hanging in a tired frame, of who or what is not clear, a flickering chandelier overhead. The Keeper returns with a blanket, the boy wraps himself with it and feels an instant itch.

 “Well let’s get the introductions out of the way, I’m the Keeper of this morgue, fifth generation, this here business predates this country’s manifest destiny. Now tell me what’s your business here with mine.” 

“I’m Wattle Robinson, a tenth grader at Poconos High School, I want to learn about the rites.” 

“Poconos? That’s at least a seven hour drive, you came all that way?” 

“Yes, sir, that’s why I’m here so late.” 

“Very well, since you’ve put in the effort of getting here I’ll tell you what I know about the rites. Years ago before my time they used to hold a celebration for the deceased. Usually at night, in fact a stormy night like this yields the best results, so I’ve heard. They would gather here to honor the dead. That’s about all I know, you can stay here till the morning then you must be on your way this isn’t an inn.” 

“What about the communication between the living and the dead? The ceremony? Don’t you know about that stuff? I read once that they used to…” 

“I don’t care what’ve you read, there have been more lies told of this place than there are days in a year.” 

“But it says here,” Wattle reaches into his pack and withdraws a book with a colorful array of sticky notes populating it’s pages, “that once the ceremony was performed the veil between the living and the dead vanishes.” 

The Keeper crossed his arms and let his head fall into a hand knowing it was going to be a long night. “Let me see that book.” Wattle hesitated for a moment before handing over his most prized possession. 

“Careful,” said Wattle, “the plastic cover flakes off, and the spine is close to becoming unbound.” 

The Keeper accepts it with care and mumbles under his breath, “aren’t we all.” 

“What was that?” asked Wattle, extra sensitive to the reaction of what had most concerned his life. 

“Ohh just saying what a fine book you have here.” The Keeper knew what Wattle had before he handed it over, every person who came to ask about the rites had a copy of, “Rites, Rituals, & Ceremony: Dialing the Dead by Cornish Duesberry, I bet it took some time to track down this gem?” 

“Infact,” began Wattle. 

The Keeper lifted a hand, “spare me. Did you know that this book doesn’t even cover half of what rites are about? Old Duesberry took off with his stories before the main course, so to speak.” 

A shiver ran up the small of Wattle’s back, what did he mean by main course? For the first time since he set off on his quest, suspicion nudged out curiosity for center stage as the driving force of his endeavor, enough for him to consider if what he was doing was dangerous. “So you’re saying there is more to the rites than even Duesberry wrote?” 

“Precisely,” a devilish smile consumed the Keeper’s face. “Would you like me to show you?”  

Wattle hesitates as nerves surge through his body, the culmination of years of study and obsession led him to the precipice of the mystery that so long eluded him. “Yes, I’m ready.” 

“Very well, follow me, let’s see who is in-house tonight.” 

Wattle follows the Keeper down a dim hallway that appeared to expand and contract with every step. Each time Wattle glanced passed the Keeper trying to gauge the length of the passage he saw no end in sight, as though their steps provided no progress. The Keeper stops at an undesignated door, and pulls from his pocket a ring of oversized keys. With the correct key in hand the Keeper guides it toward the door and pauses before turning to Wattle.

 “Let me reassure you that behind this door is a world that leaves lasting impressions on all who enter, be warned. Do you still wish to see?” Wattle stared into the shadows created by sunken features of the Keeper’s face, his expression at once serious and comical. Wattle cleared his throat and said, “I’m ready.” A sly smile rose onto the Keeper’s face, “as you wish,” he fit the key into the lock and leaned in. 

The door opens, a rush of cool air escapes whispering welcome. Wattle follows the Keeper inside, darkness fills the room, still Wattle could sense a radiating presence. The Keeper reaches into his breast pocket for a small box of matches, strikes one and places the flame in a lantern hanging next to the door, and repeats the process three more times in the corners of the room. A ring of statues develop before Wattle, they encircle a series of bookshelves to comprise a ring within a ring. Wattle approaches the towering statues with cautious steps, gazing into a knight in full armor, a gargoyle perched on edge, a priestess with her palms facing out, a statesman with pocket watch in hand, a rabbi with a five pointed star around his neck, and a lion poised on it’s hind legs. Wattle traced a spiral inward to the bookcases which were off set to obscure what lay beyond. Keen for Rites, Rituals, & Ceremony: Dialing the Dead Wattle rounds the shelves examining dusty volumes, following the natural progression he takes a small step between the cases. The Keeper interrupts his progress with a firm call, “I wouldn’t do that.” 

Wattle retracts his step and turns to the Keeper and asks, “why what’s at the center?” 

The Keeper scoughs, “I’m afraid the answer to your question requires a certain transformation that neither you or I are ready to .” 

“Is that where the dead come out of?”

“Perhaps, a more accurate description would be where the dead cease to be dead.”  

Wattle felt an urge to disobey the Keeper and sneak a peek around the corner, but a growing fear kept him in his place, as though the statues would come to life and swat him away before he got too close.

 “Like a portal between the world of the living and the dead?” 

“Mhmm not quite,” said the Keeper, folding his arms. “The boundary between the two vanishes.” 

Wattle had read about this phenomena, but being in it’s presence was magnitudes beyond his experience with Duesberry. “Is the center still, uhhh active? Like you can die if you go into it?” 

A hint of a smile encroached on the Keeper’s face, “Die? certainly not, but transform most definitely, though there is only one way to find out.” 

 Wattle felt a growing tension in the room, the status appeared even larger than before. “What’s that?” 

“To perform the rites of course,” the Keeper said with a flop of a payment seeking hand. 

“I thought the rites were no longer practiced?” 

“Only when their knowledge is extinguished will practice cease. We have everything we need, a suitable night, a willing subject, should you choose to proceed.” 

The room quivered  as though Wattle was in the bowels of a living creature. Met with a choice he’d never thought he’d have to make. Wattle, surveying the room found the lanterns appeared brighter, the statues loomed with a pronounced energy coaxing a performance out of him. The books on the shelves called out to Wattle as though all their knowledge was eager to speak through him. Wattle knew if he didn’t accept this opportunity it would haunt him for the rest of his life. He took a deep breath to steady his senses then said, “yes, I want to perform the rites.”      

The Keeper unleashed a scrutinizing gaze that lingered for some time before saying, “very well, excuse me while I gather the preparations.”  

Wattle felt immediate dred watching the Keeper disappear through the door that combined with his temptation to peek through the shelves. Leaning forward on his toes to make a move, then deciding against, not wanting to disturb the authenticity of the rites. Wattle moved toward the nearest case, craning his neck to read the spines of the collection when a heavy slam rings through the chamber. Spinning to the source of the noise expecting to find the Keeper at the entry, but saw no sign of him. One by one the lanterns blow out as hush gusts circulate the room building a nest of energy. Trying to maintain a fixed direction Wattle lifts his arms searching for the door, all he can hear is the pounding of his chest echoing through the darkness. Soon enough the wall found him, he begins inching along the perimeter toward his best guess of where the Keeper departed. A loud clash rings out followed by a sharp pain in his head, feeling toward the sound of the obstruction he finds a lantern swinging on its chain. 

“I must be close.” Maneuvering around it he felt the door handle and pulled to no avail. “Keeper, are you there? I need to get out.” The silence swallows his words.

The Keeper rounds a dark passageway, the dank air of the subterranean passage muffles the light of his lantern in hand. This night the journey felt longer than it ever had, squinting his aging eyes at the stone steps navigating them with intent and purpose. The Keeper goes about his business, a procedure unchanged since before his time. The booth is hidden from the main chamber and allows a vantage of the shelves and statues as a mixing board does a recording studio. From behind the stand the Keeper positions a leather bound load of centuries old tradition; as far as he knew there was no more powerful thing in the world. 

“So you want to learn about the rites young one, well, let us begin.” With a deep breath the Keeper opens the cover that emits a shock wave fluttering the hairs in his nose. The Keeper’s finger fall directly on the familiar page and turns it open, he begins reading the preliminaries in a hushed voice. Down the page his voice strengthened in volume and force, experience had taught him to match the tempo of each passage to ensure a clean connection is established. The fateful line hung on the page, anticipation immense, sensing arrival of life ingredients.

“Of rather close gather, rickety wonder past years, be near of round now.”

A blue green electric vapor rises from the page twisting in a coil, The Keeper continues reading till the small room fills with an emerald hue. Finishing the passage the vapor escapes through the wall into the main chamber and buries itself in the obscured center. 

The portal snaps to life with an icy crackle, spreading through the chamber center dissolving the ground. A gyre consumes the chamber threatening to snatch Wattle up in it’s vortex. Inching his way to cover on the downwind side of a statue, Wattle listens to the howl rushing through the ring of steadfast figures. Wattle begins to slip away, as an addict reaches for a fix, figuring he would never escape the energetic spiral he must succumb to its way. He let go becoming a daisy in a hurricane; he twirled and spun till his faculties were undone, unbuttoned to the core of his being. 

Fluttering around the chamber Wattle notices increased activity from the center of the bookcases. The floor grew cloudy and metallic like a pond reflecting an approaching storm. Slowly, the calm surface churned into a boiling brew, each bubble containing a few frames that looped until bursting into the chamber. Hurling about the chamber Wattle fixed his eyes on this spontaneous well, searching the thousands of ascending reels for a clue, an answer to unlock the charade before they’d evaporate into nothing. There were scenes from all of history, women returning from the woods, castle sieges of armored men, lovers wrapped in moonlight along a riverbank, a knife driven into the back of a brother, amphitheaters of laughter, children buried, arrows shot from horseback, land burned and rebuilt, wisdom passed along in a town square, a family burdened with unanswered questions, a first kiss in a flowery meadow, the last breath of a loving mother, the steal gaze of determination, a wanderer in a remote passage, a hand reaching out for another. Wattle saw them all in an instant, suspended in the vacuum he twist to maintain a gaze on the brew of the human condition before him. Just then a voice came into his head, it was soft and booming at the same time and repeated, “take your place, fall into space.”  

The Keeper observed with restrained interest, an arm folded under one stroking his chin, he knew how much time the boy had left, and just an ounce of him was sad to see him go. “The voice found him, it won’t be long now,” the Keeper muttered to himself, “ he was a fine boy, a passionate pest.”  

 Lulled by the voice Wattle didn’t realize he was losing altitude, being drawn toward the frothing center of the bookcases. The energy, either out of carelessness or a streak of humor dashed Wattle against the Knight statue sending him tumbling into the awakened portal. There was no splash, no brush of beads like when entering the back room of a head shop, no change in pressure, no resistance at all, Wattle just kept falling. He fell down and down and down some more till it didn’t feel like he was falling at all. 

The Keeper let out a sigh of relief then closed his eyes and said to the empty room “be gentle with him.” He ran a hand over the sacred phrase then returned the book to it’s resting place, then made his way back to the chamber. 

The whirlwind had dissipated though a static charge still hung in the air; a residual energy of performing the rites the Keeper knew all too well that would take an hour or two to discharge. The Keeper paced the room with lantern in hand, amused at himself for having done it again. “How do the secret rites remain a secret,” he chuckled to himself, “well let me show you.”  The Keeper stopped in his tracks, cocking his head toward the center of the chamber at a low murmur resonating between the cases. The Keeper approached with a curious eyebrow raised, it became clearer, growing in strength till it rumbled like an earthquake. “What in hell’s honey hole is happening here?” 

Wattle was busy dancing in suspended space, he tango’d past time, disco’d through dimensions, grooved over galaxies, floating as nothing he recognized everything. He fell up, he fell down, he fell sideways, he fell round, Wattle fell through to the end then sprang forth from where he began. 

The Keeper rubbed his eyes in hope of wiping clear the picture they informed, but it stayed with him beyond his belief. “How could it be? He’d gone away, no one had ever returned from the rites. Once clenched in the mouth of suspended space there was no way out.”

 Wattle stood with the statues, seeing them eye to eye, walking the circle examining each one with his newly acquired qualities. Everything spoke, molecular vibration, sunshine smiles in all directions. The statues wink and curtsey, the lantern in the Keeper’s hand has an expressive face mocking every moment with a different gesture. Wattle breaks out laughing, a supportive arm pressed against the Rabbi as he felt every fiber of his being laugh with him. 

Wattle didn’t notice, but the Keeper saw the bubbly history flash incarnate as Wattle shape shifted into every image he ingested before plunging into space. The laughter exorcizing them out of him, changing frame to frame, one second a soldier, a mother, a widow, a lover, a friend, over and over to the end. The Keeper locked up, startled by the blaze of existence before him. 

Wattle understood, he felt everything in it’s place, found peace in all places, for they were their own. Then he turned toward the Keeper, all laughter had fallen from his face, still a towering giant with a few purposeful steps he was standing over the Keeper. Looking deep into the Keeper, Wattle saw his propulsion, his eyes hungry for power, his heart a restless thief,  pawning himself at the feet of interdimensional demons. Wattle gave a small nod as though some fairy had just whispered in his ear, then said, “You will not devour me.” Wattle raised a foot and smooshed the Keeper; indifferent to the gruesome crunch, for he had it coming his whole life, Wattle was just the one to ring the gong. 

Wattle crawled through the hallway and burst through the door kool-aid style. He drove into splashed dawn in his parents car, sticking out the roof like one of those toy cars they let kids drive. He remembered his backpack but no longer needed it. Looking at the morning sky Wattle addressed the world, “the morgue can be a potent place.” 

The End. 

Night Needn’t Be

When it comes to counting blessings…

Night Needn’t Be 

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Every time I see you I leave with more to say, 

I’m beginning to feel it could take a lifetime

to explain. I knew before you told me there was 

something different about you. Takes courage 

to mention aliens and simulation theory at a 

work orientation. What exactly do you mean by 

black and white when describing yourself? 

The braces were easy to overlook, setting your 

rubber bands down on a napkin to eat. Our 

schedules overlapped seldom enough for me to

stay engaged and not park myself at the frontdesk

whenever possible. You’d signed on for the graveyard, 

when it was time you vanished into the night. A blessing

in the form of mustache and pocket square moved 

me to the evenings. Those last fifteen minutes were 

the best, you’d still be rubbing your eyes awake as 

I wore the day’s work. Things started small out of necessity,

always a surprise to see you. I’d check in to see how

you were doing, the nights could get lonely. I had you

read my Cosmic Lottery piece trying to prove my interest

in aliens was genuine. Said to have experiences few 

others had, other dimensions find you interesting as well.   

“Really the nature of the soul and DNA, you don’t 

say?” We began to see more of each other then 

you disappeared for a week, there was word of

an ambulance. That night I was on my way out 

convinced I’d have to wait another to see you,

when you appeared across the lobby, I stopped

in my tracks as you continued in yours. Your

small delicate steps I deemed part of a careful

coffee walk trying not to spill, is just your natural 

gait. I held the back office door then raised a brow 

at the four sugars you poured in, you weren’t messing 

around, they must’ve played a part. You returned 

refreshed and renewed and suggested I watch the show

Cosmic Disclosure, I started the free Gaia trial jumping 

at the chance to relate. Intergalactic warfare recalled 

through hypnosis, I had my doubts. When I told you 

I watched, your smile lifted us both off the ground, my

heart melted at your little jump of excitement from 

behind the front desk. I fell into your depths became

caught in your curls, summoned by the mystery of your

magic. I’d wait for you in the parking lot hearing your 

heavy sigh before your heels clicked off into the night. 

Someone left a copy of Dune at the stand, intrigued 

I stashed it in a cabinet and forgot about it. The week

of the premiere you told me it was your favorite book. 

“Hey remember that big book someone left here,” I 

asked Jaden, “do you know where it went?”  “Yeah 

it’s right here,” bending to retrieve it from where I’d

left it. Gifting it to you since you lost your copy, I made 

sure to say how I started to audio version since your

boyfriend never cracked it. The morning my feelings 

made there way into words I got the letter from human 

resources, they were forcing those of us out, our days 

were numbered. That night I wanted to show you what 

I wrote, I hadn’t anticipated fighting for your attention.

Not wanting to ask you out if front of another

co-worker, when you answered the phone I wrote my

number on a piece of paper and left it with you.

That weekend your text never came, I did the 

corn maze alone. You arrived early the following 

Monday catching me at the time clocks on

my way out. You tried texting but I gave you

the wrong number, how did I manage that? 

We exchanged and confirmed contacts, you

let me know the same fate had been made for

you, what were we to do? The weird planet in

the sky video you sent, you’d been thinking 

of me. I caught wind of a concert at the bowl,

“would you go with me?” I asked out of the blue. 

You’d have to skip work, “screw it they’re firing

us anyway.” An hour before we left you still hadn’t

received your test results. You handed a Mcdonald’s

receipt to the test site lady when she asked for your

appointment ticket. There you were walking 

toward me, it was really happening our first night 

just the two of us. Jeans and a sweatshirt as casual 

as I’d seen you. On the drive north the clouds held 

similar conditions as the video you sent where

sunlight burst through somewhere else entirely,

making our lone star appear as two.

The night was ours, deciding on the Mexican 

blanket in case the chill became too much.

I wanted to show you off to my friends, you 

wanted to stay behind. Our hands found each other’s 

under the blanket, sharing warmth under a gentle

sea fog. I said the guitar solo came on too loud you

didn’t feel so. When the headlinder came on the 

blanket came off, on our feet the stage transformed 

into spaceships ready for takeoff, a callback to our

first conversation. The night carried us away aboard

saucers dancing through a musical atmosphere, a disco

ball spun the light of all things good and present. 

You put my glasses on for one final look at the stage.  

How you held the stair rail on a cautious decent, 

knowing your clumsy tendencies, I cherished your

choice admiring what made you you. Taking every 

opportunity to pick a fuzz from your hair, wanting to

know the volume of your curls. On the drive home the

song I played for you put you to sleep. I tried another 

off the The Evil One hoping you’d understand, but you 

questioned how we are real in the night. Embraced in 

the parking structure you shy’d from my intent, but 

still texted in thanks of a goodnight. We made it to the 

corn maze, within a minute I pushed past a protruding 

stock that recoiled into your face, no way to start a date. 

I likened you to the Las Vegas shooter when you told me 

how you played GTA V, something I could’ve kept to 

myself. I pushed you off your crouch at Bank of Books

since you’d expressed a similar urge at the concert, but

thought better of it. We shared silence over lunch, my 

first question revealed my unease. Taking your mini 

Altoid I offered to replace it with one of normal size. 

After I took you under the big fig tree on Chestnut, 

you looked up to grasp it’s growth, I couldn’t take my 

eyes off you still hungry for your lips. I pulled you 

into me, if time stood still I wouldn’t have wondered 

why. You’d stop to pick up pennies like Louis Prima, 

all sunshine and ravioli. The Christmas music you 

enjoyed was your own, a filthy Frosty and jingle cock 

as season’s greetings. The story of your hip hop dance 

outbreak, the sorrow and the pity. We sat on a promenade 

planter holding each other tender watching ocean waves, 

was this a beginning or an end? In the spot of before with

my chin resting on your curls, I had to say how everything

felt right in the world. We said our goodbyes, I asked when

I’d see you again, your answer trailed off unsure of yourself. 

“Should old acquaintance be forgot?” may it all fall into place.

Let us carry on always to share the night that needn’t be,

just remember when you’re in my arms. 

P.S. Covid warden Wolf quit and went to Disneyland (trading five stars for fantasy).

Show Me The World

Somehow we’re all here.

Show Me The World

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Expectation, fall into place, a falling place,

ahh how you soon learn things have

a way of going where few things go. 

Jurassic acknowledgement, life finds 

a way. Jumanji drums feet lift from earth,

bridge to all may be. 

Be found oh distance one, have your

rathers. Say you galloping sun, for I am 

the only one to wrap your cloak around

and hold me night. Trace suspension 

to n fro gages something well below,

always now, prism rhyme obeys light. 

Heavy is the point, feel the weight of

the world translated through you,

something to push against. Hold me 

down so I may fly, have the moon in

my lap looking at what always held me 

back, in the cloak of time. 

Eternal Resolve

The pleasant pairing of space & time. Originally titled Passion Patrol.

Eternal Resolve

By Tyler Lucas Mobley 

Pleasure running out my toes 

greed blown from thy nose 

sung in manor of mountain temple 

obscuring boundaries when able

to coax frequency with command 

returns oneself to cradling hand 

of a world all for you.