Stand Up Steve

In baseball it’s called your summer family, in surfing it’s your winter family, when the ocean awakens sleeping giants. This was early in November.

Stand Up Steve  

By Tyler Lucas Mobley

Paddles up mirroring messiah,

been awhile since we caught up,

as an aging surfer, he’s apprenticing 

under a wave guru up north, one of 

the salty till senile types. “My pop up

is good for a few waves, then I’m just

blowing it. I’ll do anything to stay on a 

shortboard”, motioning his paddle at the

monstrosity of buoyancy under foot.

Being able to set that line and go, with 

this, making moch jump as though he

had cinder block feet. A crystalizing

thought, “less resistance, all response.” 

Announced in the manner of mention, 

they let the words hang for a moment

grappling with how minutia of honest

pursuits mirror life at their core. Being

in the world, a deepening of self.  

MInd Rant

These are the notes I took in my Philosophy of Nature class this semester.  Not to relevant to the subject or anything for that matter.

Nominal phenomenal, we reach for what then is, or is not talk through the earth, to listen through which we can not see, for the truth mean no such thing. That which reaches all encompassing fingers and nails of Truth scratch on the chalkboard of knowledge, we cringe to brilliance, as if we earn it, we suffer for it, It’s just space man, from man came everything else, a skyscraper arose out of the womb of Mary, straight towards the sky, fully furnished to complete the motion. The elemental is strong with nature, which lives emanated from. Organic chemistry, we walk through life, you always walk no matter where in the world you are, you always walk.  Beneath your feet lies the world hard and soft, unknown and people, The elemental is alive in all of us. We go to Tokyo today and live tomorrow.  Motion lies in time but time does not exist, we watch matter fall apart but it was never there, battle for existence to be heard and known.  Push to feel distant, return to a stationary position, just for one quick breath. Senses are everything it brings the world into the know.  All enjoyment steams from perception from the Heart, eyes, ears, nose, or feel, I like this, this feels write, Pleasant is nature, in its most violent concoction swirling with the galaxy, hurricanes meme the universe, we can never sit still, people exist for longer than anyone knows, numbers and movies put ideas in the mind.  For sure we know that surely it is crazy, we are sure of the un-sureness of our surety.  One thing we guess is that we know what surely isn’t.