Womb Would’ve Known

Shot from cannon with a cry, hands of anticipation

cradle and rejoice another plummet. Form of impressions 

soft to the touch, a bundle of things to come…

Dressed For Holiday

Jettison my darling, find this common wake,

throwback pairs of defining lights, smirking

sky bounds…

Strolling Pie Fields

If you ordered a dream, I know how you’d take it. 

Strolling pie fields, punctuated by ponds of boiling ramen. 

Well well well what do we have here? 

To phrase a feeling, the greatest gift is…

To Be in your Thoughts

Don’t know how I got here, but I’m happy to stay,

make myself comfortable, dance around and play. 

Was it something I said that popped me in your head?

Nice of you to have me, you really didn’t have…

Re-minding Reminders

If sunshine be butter then 

take me for bread. 

Life’s sweetest sentiments

fall unsuspecting as ripe…

Night Needn’t Be

Every time I see you I leave with more to say, 

I’m beginning to feel it could take a lifetime

to explain. I knew before you told me there was 

something different about you…

Show Me the World

Expectation, fall into place, a falling 

place, ahh you will soon learn things have

a way of going where few things go. 

Jurassic acknowledgement, life finds…

Eternal Resolve

Pleasure running out my toes 

greed blown from thy nose 

sung in manor of mountain temple 

obscuring boundaries when able…

seeing with infinity

At once at once 

follows an order 

beckoned to redeem 

forgone reason in…

If It’s Time We Must Bear

Untool mind to spare time those steps 

never taken. Relishing difference the 

song of new eyes, a respectable space 

comfortable, not overdone. An orbital…  

Stand Up Steve

Paddles up mirroring messiah,

been awhile since we caught up,

as an aging surfer, he’s apprenticing 

under a wave guru up north, one of…

Our Own Devices

Dip into nothing

skipping town, 

Hawaiian slice 

pineapple underground…

Forever Sweet Caroline

Don’t be surprised when the lady on the bench says into her phone,

“What do you mean my jet can’t land?” then tells her assistant next

to her to look up the flight authorization number, “no I’m here see

that’s unacceptable…

Clicking Reel

Letting out line, mind a clicking reel, wonky

film projector tempting realities to

sprout from skull and politely ask the present 

for a dance, only to ruin her and take her place…  

Kendall McClellan’s Lesson Plan: A Pandemic Miracle

We’d emerged from Baldwin and Hughes to “Let America

Be America Again” she took a brave stance behind the 

lectern and said “when I made this lesson plan back in

Christmas break, I never would’ve guessed that the day…

Notes to Generation Fortunate Son

Fuzzy flags carried off planes

no one needs to ask about. 

Spare my eyes the sight

society says to itself….

Her Way Never Lost

Her body a sound garden, storm swept sea

a passenger afloat, humming to her vibration…

She’ll Be Right

These mistakes go on to make themselves, 

worthwhile experience registers of confirmation. 

Hear a buzzing hive, your best has yet beecomb. 

Nest away elixirs spices jewels and devices…

The Prophet Jeremiah

The prophet Jeremiah blends in a crowd, mustard brushes his sleeve, 

out on divine parole, the stall line at Coachella proved larger than his bladder.  

Tomorrow’s chariot of hope was nonchalant while asking for a plumber,

civilization’s trajectory oversight required Narcan resuscitation…

Monster’s Wading Room

No need to follow my path, 

don’t know how to live with

instigating death. 

A brown torrent five meters across…

Lever Room

Recrossing the boundary 

hit by murmurs of stupidity

there’s no getting there without

self assurance, same spirit of…

All things looking of You

All things looking of you,  

ripples trail a seaward vessel

spreading curves, a rhythm we

rolled once or twice…

We Stopped Just to Hear the Silence

We stopped just to hear the silence, 

see the sky a blue we’re thankful for

a radiant pure blue 

essence of blue…

More Than a Moment

More than a moment, 

Count Cristo starship manor. 

More than a moment,

singing circles of soul sayers 

let loose from an environ plane…

Running with Turtles

Those feeling of ever after 

a torrent of butterfly kisses. 

Lazy grins bask in new moon 

shadows, conceiving a heaven…

Sun Dilated

Rushing insides,

external inputs

buffer for an

inverse occasion…

Forced Funnel Cake

Winds will be winds passing pressure, proprietary imbalance 

self organized energy spools dotting gust of telegramming gods. 

What is that noise? Blinds scratching glass?

Is it the dying whimpers of a man whose mouth was replaced by a harmonica?

Roommates Spring 2014

Out of a driftless area the 

lanky midwester calls Dubuque home  

what is he doing here?

Standing in the sun for no particular reason… 

When We Were Inseparable

When we were inseparable 

things lost their reason. 

mouths moved but nothing spoke    

louder than those color pencil 

sketches on my high school schedule…

Mauna Kea

Rising from red shale   

golf ball-esque structures the  

size of houses, scattered among

a remote volcanic remnant in absolute Pacific isolation…

Checks and Balances

In circles of squares 

Often they forgets to look beyond,

To lines that bend for food or 

A vote…

To The Enemies

I’ve been too young to understand why those

Towers crumbled, and watch what becomes

Of the world, less look for love, as tho

Spoiled on Jersey Shore or Next, still…


You looking on


For I will be short in relating what it is I wish to say, to do otherwise is unjust to the matter…

Dwelling on Yourself

Well on the day I was born,

God paused for a sneeze. 

Half alive, half yet to be known 

A recoiled pause, before unleashing…

Time Divides Time

Surely there’s another way, some forgotten track

A stone clasped hand, a wholesome shake.

Surely the water is right, dynamic cycles,

One arc fits all

We are no different…

Á la Dylan Thomas

Our days together, countless consexutive days.

It started with us on the ground,

a moment when something is so funny

your legs can no longer support you.

We rolled in laughter bellies aching, you had to be there… 

Nice TA Nice

Saturday Shrimpy gets it, “nice TA nice,” 

an easy Lords of Dogtown refrain

warms my heart in playful Pitas waves.

Rex soul arches his carver all the way to the boys,

Little Pieces

There are no words to describe this mystery in mind,

How it all became? What we are destined to?

So sit down and I’ll tell you how it all came true.

 The fact of the matter, is hardly the case…

MInd Rant

Nominal phenomenal

we reach for what then is, or is not talk through the earth,

to listen through which we can not see,

for the truth mean no such thing…

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