We Stopped Just to Hear the Silence

Went for walk today, you may call it a hike, with my mom. We take our time to indulge in the beauty.

We Stopped Just to Hear the Silence

By Tyler Mobley

We stopped just to hear the silence 

see the sky a blue we’re thankful for

a radiant pure blue 

essence of blue 

a blessing blue 

our defining act blue 

atmosphere filtered for our delight blue

life blue 

birds singing blue 

fluff spotted blue 

kiss giving blue 

savor blue 

a reminder blue 

life our gift and breath our work 

each day blue. 

Happy blue  

nothing but sky blue 

watchful blue 

heaven blue 

tip toe in from a late night dancing blue 

your eyes singing blue 

raw genre blue. 

For blue 

of blues 

we know because it is 

a blue for all. 


Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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