Nice TA Nice

Nice TA Nice

By Tyler Mobley

Saturday Shrimpy gets it, “nice TA nice,” 

an easy Lords of Dogtown refrain

warms my heart in playful Pitas waves.

Rex soul arches his carver all the way to the boys,

“you guys didn’t call yours in?” 

Rowdy skaters, cigs and burritos,

classic products of our environment, on the curb making a scene.

From Thompson and Ash a blue out field to 

America’s pastime runs south past the train tracks. 

Cement becomes slalom track trading carvers, tracing eights style, get low, flow.

Sun soaking burrito lizards waiting to be unwrapped 

the slow count to 40 reverses order and

begins counting down. 

Tribute to Rocket Power more personal than NASA

we all grew up watching. 

They had Squid, we have Shrimpy in his

navy blue Zephyr team competition shirt, 

“where did you get that?”   

Cameron, an onion if you ever knew one.  


Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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