Roommates Spring 2014

Christening events of Hale Alahonua

Roommates Spring 2014

By Tyler Mobley

Out of a driftless area the 

lanky midwester calls Dubuque home  

what is he doing here?

Standing in the sun for no particular reason 

just distance breathing on our skin

tropical warmth, a religious experience 

dilated to euphoria. 

High noon grazes over lawn, 

we watch the grass grow greener.

Watch ants march

disappear then reappear 

in our beds. 

Billiards chalk lines 

our entrance

a scent defense   

against a million leg march. 

Days rot bye talking toils

life’s manic moments

calling to Shiva, hold up these caving walls   

we help each other along. 

The World knows Crimea, 

we’ll all cry me a 

story for 



Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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