When We Were Inseparable

To a certain tigger, who always puts a smile on my face. A Forever Blossom.

When We Were Inseparable

By Tyler Mobley 

When we were inseparable 

things lost their reason. 

mouths moved but nothing spoke    

louder than those color pencil 

sketches on my high school schedule. 

Cookie Monster, rainbows, and 

ribbon bows, heart ignition

sailing through clouds on a hot air


Little things, like when you hid

in the parking lot surprising me 

after class. Crawling over the 

middle seat to use the driver side 

step. Still remember those 

mixed tape tracks, telling the 

story of our lives.  Are you Down 

I was a teenage Anarchist

Welcome to the Family.  

Sharing French toast, your Biscuits I’m 

gravy. Lying to parents about a

UCLA night, then coming clean on Venice beach. 

Jalapeno heat transfers between body parts

cooling lips in pairs. When things

heat up, 180 South could play all night,

till Jeff makes it atop Corcovado 

still I was at a loss. 

Every once in a good while 

a groundswell runs through, 

long after internal waters have 

settled into their normal affairs, 

the excitement of swell 

keeps our eyes on the horizon


Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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