Little Pieces

There are no words to describe this mystery in mind, How it all became? What we are destined to? So sit down and I’ll tell you how it all came true.  The fact of the matter, is hardly the case.  If you don’t believe me just look up in space.  To reach this far back one must see, a much different reality.  Questioned back to the start of time, with a feeling of clandestine.  Primordial funk envelops in Space.  Don’t be fooled that this is a race.  Piercing through this veil of time, one sees a paradigm, captured Truth in an open mind, relating it then, to all mankind.  


Sarcasm keeps the world at bay, Mutually assured destruction, will take you, seriously.  Consideration of the infatuation I Feel for those who are not afraid.  Twist your arm, pulling your leg, the words fall from my mouth.  Poking the obscene, shining light on obscurity,  Boundaries worn like an itchy sweater, I can not bear, my words suspended in thin air.  Matching tongue and cheek with the bored and weak, I’m comfortable with your uncomfortable.  Liberating profound nonsense into a semantic soup; pulling meaning out of a rabbit’s ass.  Sarcasm is the lubricant to keep this engine going longer. The social butter spread. I can’t believe it’s not capitalism.