Faced with circumstance, it is possible to make your own destiny?  Or are you always depended on the will of another?  We become great because others have failed before us. Hard work, a safe bet, invest your money or your time, which will be more fruitful.  The sure thing or risk it all, give and take, we all learn from each other.  The illusion of helplessness or the blindness of courage.  The poor man content with his pack, or the trophy wife crying behind oversized sunglasses.  Strip us down we are all the same.  What I’m talking about is attitude, it will turn water into wine and a natural disaster into a chance to star anew.  A dramatic event is what unites people together, a long night of drinking, or being stuck in lower Manhattan on the wrong day, emotions amplified, empathy expressed, a bond is formed.  A clear vision rises out of the dust or from the first taste of coffee the morning after.  When you let you’re guard down, the raw similarities of the human experience start to glean like dusk on calm ocean waters.