Close to the Edge

I sit in wonder, starring through glass into a greener world.  Natural flavors augmented my body into a tea leaf, more natural than the bacteria in my gut alone.   Structures of landscapes, built by man to be observed by man.  3 hairs irritate me more than my churning stomach. This is the learning environment, people around with words in the air spark flow of my words onto a paper that should be filed with notes.  I’ve never had a winners mindset, I am who I am, I am content in the worst way possible, confused with ideologies.  To be the best that you can be, acquire power and wealth, to serve the people of the world.  Or I find my way which is unique to myself, carried by my heart and hopes.  Content with today only to carry through to tomorrow a smile satisfied by the day working to save your dollar to smile on the next.  Hungry stomachs carry frowns to register in the minds of on lookers, smile to clear your head, drawing the pain out of the face that has corroded into cold demeanor.  A Bohdisattva’s job is to cure all the suffering of the world.  My view is from so high up compared to everyone around me, my desires turn to shrink down to met my peers, to share their world with me.  Leaving, that is my rock bottom, to pick up and go away, leave it all behind.  Why be apart of the “World” when you don’t know your path?  I think of myself as a drifter.  To embrace the landscape for exactly what it is.  


Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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