Stepping out from Dissonance

Temporary escape, we all desire, removing, drawing back, recharge, but we never leave this world.  True absence is impossible, even if you were to go to space someone would have to know you are there.   People populating profound products of their imagination, Particles exist in waves and as matter, a duality of a lunatic, or so it would take one to believe.  The imagination is everyone’s best friend and worst enemy, its free entertainment while laying on your bed, meanwhile it creates hideous monsters underneath that same bed.  Words roots our experience as they flow effortlessly after years of socialization.  Imagination uses these words to grab ideas out of thin air, or perhaps to change the wavelength of the particles in your brain to generate new thoughts.  Is there an idea field where all possibilities lie? Do we pick out knowledge and jokes one by one?  Is there a certain order of thoughts that unlock new ideas.  I think that would have to be the case, ideas build upon themselves, just as math does.  A foundation of knowledge is not necessary to understand a subject’s most complex spheres, but to understand how galaxies form you must have an understanding of gravity.   As we are beginning to understand the brain, we think that the brain is organized in this very way.  That the complexity of thought is correlated to the vertical neurological chain matching the very understanding that is necessary to move on to the next level.   Are video games just a manifestation of this inner workings of our brains?

Jab and jive tough to strive for what we can’t afford

Counter attack to we quickly react to those who shame us

Hand tightens vision focused, the thrill is in the moment

Energy of the day is put to rest with the sun but the struggle continues into the night.

Thank you for taking the time to read my unorganized thoughts.



Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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