Mind Expression

With the search bar we need not to know anything, just it’s location and the ability to tell right from wrong.  Judgment, rationality, justice, I tend to think in this manner.  Is something fair? Is it the logical decision? Who cares what one thinks is logical, it almost certainly won’t apply to the next mind to conceive of my mind.   Expression, we all do it, intentionally or lacking intent, you show who you are, how your mind works, what words or ideas trigger others.  Conversation, painting, music, we all Express ourselves, like priority mail, first class.   Leading the fleeting, like generals of of war, the moment of expression is never more critical, courage arises only to fall limp in the dirt.  I’ve never been more thankful to be literate than right now.   Words are the lens to which to world is understood and shared, why not know a few.   The big picture is exciting and challenging to shrink into the mind, especially when the particulars are broadcasted via tube and web.   Why are people drawn to some things and others to others? Why does someone feel comfortable in one place and not another?  Nature or Nurture you could say.  We all are so beautiful here on this rock.  Greatness has never been more accessible or viewed.

This is one medium I’m choosing to express myself.  Thoughts for thoughts


Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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