Walking Through…

We all learn to walk, a person can do just about anything while walking, it can be a shared moment laughing with friends, or all alone distant in the rain.  The act of walking is rarely considered when it’s happening, our brains decide to focus on matters less immediate, often the future or past, or perhaps the beautiful scenery passing by. You might pay attention after the third mile, or if you have a blister, or thorn in your foot.  In some cases walking can be avoided, replaced by something with wheels or a jet, but eventually you will have to walk again. In any part of the world walking resembles the terrain, by and large it’s mostly the same. Walk outdoors it becomes a hike, every human that has ever existed has had the desire to walk; the universal mode of transportation for everyone ever. Anthropologist suggest our posture an important aspect of our development as a species; so walking is as essential as a language or fire.

Walking is like taking a shower, it allows time to think, analyze, figure out where I’m going.  I love it, spill water on myself while drinking, I love to picture myself in any part of the world walking through ancient streets thinking about walking.  Thinking about those who walked before me on the same Earth in a different world.

In this blog I will explore ideas, speak my opinions, and hopefully make you laugh from time to time.  With a picture as well, because who doesn’t love pictures these days.   This is my second blog and I will force myself to stay with it.  DSCF1415


Author: mobleysurfer

Change is the only constant.

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