Reason behind Me

I started a journal back in May of 2011, it was just a way to get my thoughts down and spend time reflecting.  Little did I know it would turn into one of my favorite hobbies, as well as having it’s therapeutic  attributes.  Consistent at times, along with duties of life I always came back to it; now it’s over 2 years later.  Just a word doc. simply titled My Journal (If anyone wishes to go find it) for me it’s a journey through time, taking me back to that day or period.  Rediscovering what I was into then or what I was obsessed about and how it’s mostly irrelevant now.   My favorites are the good times I wrote about, words trigger fond memories, Language, the infinite time machine.

So today for the first time I will share a journal entry, it is jumbled but it is pure.  95% Blue Meth #Breaking Bad.  (had to)  Maybe you can follow my though process.

Here it is……


Each day it rains I am thankful, for it was a good day, sick but not to bad, food is always good, Concert of decisions I made the right one, fun music, fun people, crazy to see all those people at bay front, it was the place to be.  Rainbow falls was epic, jumping and swimming made me feeling shitty.  Climbed so high in that tree, at least 40 feet up with only branches to hold on to, boy what a rush, Found 2nd bay surf spot in Puna, I like Clint he is a good man,  Picked up a hitchhiker named Cody, he was working on a farm in the Woofing program, he’s from Denver.  Had some real Hawaii surf finally, landed a clean air super stoked.  Can’t believe it’s almost October, days soar by gentle and fluid.   I was born to love you, I was born to kiss your face, I was born to rub you, but you were born to rub me first.  Chevy.   Transitional thoughts cloud my thinking, directing it towards filthy waters, cris cross, I’m all turned around, sleepless and hungry a platform emerges from which sure flow of though is achieved, Words to evoked, evoking trees to be trees and waves to crash around me as if I am the center of all that I understand.  Distractions are my enemy, today was unproductive and productive all the same, it was a day that I will never get back, it is real to think that all life is a end, No because we have multiple emotions and in the end to judge which did I have more of, the good or the bad, will you be objective.

Rainbow Falls


Mind Expression

With the search bar we need not to know anything, just it’s location and the ability to tell right from wrong.  Judgment, rationality, justice, I tend to think in this manner.  Is something fair? Is it the logical decision? Who cares what one thinks is logical, it almost certainly won’t apply to the next mind to conceive of my mind.   Expression, we all do it, intentionally or lacking intent, you show who you are, how your mind works, what words or ideas trigger others.  Conversation, painting, music, we all Express ourselves, like priority mail, first class.   Leading the fleeting, like generals of of war, the moment of expression is never more critical, courage arises only to fall limp in the dirt.  I’ve never been more thankful to be literate than right now.   Words are the lens to which to world is understood and shared, why not know a few.   The big picture is exciting and challenging to shrink into the mind, especially when the particulars are broadcasted via tube and web.   Why are people drawn to some things and others to others? Why does someone feel comfortable in one place and not another?  Nature or Nurture you could say.  We all are so beautiful here on this rock.  Greatness has never been more accessible or viewed.

This is one medium I’m choosing to express myself.  Thoughts for thoughts

MInd Rant

These are the notes I took in my Philosophy of Nature class this semester.  Not to relevant to the subject or anything for that matter.

Nominal phenomenal, we reach for what then is, or is not talk through the earth, to listen through which we can not see, for the truth mean no such thing. That which reaches all encompassing fingers and nails of Truth scratch on the chalkboard of knowledge, we cringe to brilliance, as if we earn it, we suffer for it, It’s just space man, from man came everything else, a skyscraper arose out of the womb of Mary, straight towards the sky, fully furnished to complete the motion. The elemental is strong with nature, which lives emanated from. Organic chemistry, we walk through life, you always walk no matter where in the world you are, you always walk.  Beneath your feet lies the world hard and soft, unknown and people, The elemental is alive in all of us. We go to Tokyo today and live tomorrow.  Motion lies in time but time does not exist, we watch matter fall apart but it was never there, battle for existence to be heard and known.  Push to feel distant, return to a stationary position, just for one quick breath. Senses are everything it brings the world into the know.  All enjoyment steams from perception from the Heart, eyes, ears, nose, or feel, I like this, this feels write, Pleasant is nature, in its most violent concoction swirling with the galaxy, hurricanes meme the universe, we can never sit still, people exist for longer than anyone knows, numbers and movies put ideas in the mind.  For sure we know that surely it is crazy, we are sure of the un-sureness of our surety.  One thing we guess is that we know what surely isn’t.

Walking Through…

We all learn to walk, a person can do just about anything while walking, it can be a shared moment laughing with friends, or all alone distant in the rain.  The act of walking is rarely considered when it’s happening, our brains decide to focus on matters less immediate, often the future or past, or perhaps the beautiful scenery passing by. You might pay attention after the third mile, or if you have a blister, or thorn in your foot.  In some cases walking can be avoided, replaced by something with wheels or a jet, but eventually you will have to walk again. In any part of the world walking resembles the terrain, by and large it’s mostly the same. Walk outdoors it becomes a hike, every human that has ever existed has had the desire to walk; the universal mode of transportation for everyone ever. Anthropologist suggest our posture an important aspect of our development as a species; so walking is as essential as a language or fire.

Walking is like taking a shower, it allows time to think, analyze, figure out where I’m going.  I love it, spill water on myself while drinking, I love to picture myself in any part of the world walking through ancient streets thinking about walking.  Thinking about those who walked before me on the same Earth in a different world.

In this blog I will explore ideas, speak my opinions, and hopefully make you laugh from time to time.  With a picture as well, because who doesn’t love pictures these days.   This is my second blog and I will force myself to stay with it.  DSCF1415